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[3.2 upgrade problem] Package kregexpeditor not upgraded properly

I just submitted the following bugreport from the results of a 3.1.4 -> 3.2 
upgrade on a (mainly) Woody box.
The bug could also be valid for Testing and Unstable.

The package kregexpeditor in the backports for Woody on download.kde.org has:
   Version: 4:3.2.0-0woody1
-> Replaces: libkregexpeditor
   Provides: libkregexpeditor
   Depends: kdelibs4 (>= 4:3.2.0), ...
-> Conflicts: libkregexpeditor

However, when I updated from the 3.1.4 backports, the old package 
libkregexpeditor_4:3.1.4-0woody1 was not removed and is now shown as obsolete 
in dselect.

Maybe Replaces and Conflicts should be 'libkregexpeditor (<4:3.2)'?

I successfully solved this problem with:
# dpkg -r libkregexpeditor
# dpkg -i kregexpeditor

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