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Re: Debianizing Debian's GNOME/KDE a bit more

El jue, 30-10-2003 a las 19:26, Johannes Rohr escribió:
> > Now, I think it's better if we add this change to gnome-session package
> > and gnome-session should depends on desktop-base package.
> You mean, a schemas file containing Debian-specific settings should be
> added to gnome-session instead of being part of desktop-base?

No, a script that will add default settings although the correct change
should be change the defaults schema settings (It has no sense add our
.schema file if there are  already ones to change those settings).

You should think on it this way:

The .schemas settings are the available configuration keys for GNOME
settings with defaults as the package maintainer wants.

The /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults directory is for system administrators
that wants default settings for their users.

If you add a new .schema file, which application will read it so
gnome-session knows the .png file to load?

> >> Probably the postinst for gconf would have to be modified to check
> >> for the presense of the desktop-base package. If the latter is
> >> installed, it should register a yet-to-be-written
> >> "/etc/gconf/schemas/desktop-base.schemas" that contains any
> >> Debian-specific GNOME settings.
> >
> > As I said, gnome-session is a better place. gconf is a non GUI library
> > so it has no sense to add GUI settings there...
> [...]
> But technically this is not a valid argument. gconf can store any GUI
> setting regardless of whether the respective GUI programs are
> installed. If you later install that program, it will pick up the
> setting.

But why do you want it configured with gconf when you can just configure
it when you really need it?

> What I'm not clear about is, how can Debian-specific settings be
> protected? E.g you set /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image to a
> nice Debian splash screen. If you later install or reinstall
> gnome-session and the schemas file belonging to that package is
> registered, won't the earlier setting be overridden?

With the gconf.xml.default settings that setting will not be overridden,
of course the correct way to do it (IMHO) is that the gnome-session's
.scheme file should be modified to have the Debian defaults, that way
the system administrator could rollback his/her changes to Debian

> Johannes
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