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Re: [info] kmyfirewall binary-i386 Package For Woody Available

El Miércoles, 29 de Octubre de 2003 11:04, Jesús Roncero Franco escribió:
> El 29/Oct/2003 a las 02:55:56, Nick Boyce escribió:
> > >Stay tune for next packages for Debian Woody, in a couple weeks.
> >
> > Hi Pedro - I'm glad to know who I owe my thanks to :)
> > And I think we'll all be grateful for any more packaging you can do of
> > additional Woody KDE packages that the core packagers don't have time
> > for.
> >
> > BTW: your reply address is empty for this message you sent me off-list
> > (it's "Pedro Melenas <>"), so maybe that's why your messages don't
> > appear on the list - maybe the list manager rejects postings without a
> > valid reply address (I'm guessing).
> Pedro's address is pjmelenas (at) biwemail.com

That's true, this is a old address from my old job. I will subtitute both (at 
biwemail and at equal) in a couple weeks with my own domain and my own email 
account in my own server ;-).

Nick, thanks for the reply address tip, I hope this message can appear at last 
at the list.

Thanks and bye.

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