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Re: kdeartwork kdeartwork-theme-desktop kdebase kdeprint kept back

On Fri, Oct 24, 2003 at 01:05:44AM +0100, Nick Boyce wrote:

| >Users of stable should only ever need to use upgrade. Stable doesn't 
| >change, so there should be no /new/ packages introduced, therefore 
| >dist-upgrade is not needed.
| Mmm .. ok, thanks for that.  But as I recall, I've had to use
| dist-upgrade for each of the KDE 3.1.x -> 3.1.x+1 upgrades that I've
| done so far on my Woody box ... is that an indicator that KDE 3.1.x in
| Woody has been an "unstable" project (i.e. mutating rapidly) ?

It's an indication that KDE 3.x is not part of Woody :-)  If you were
running only packages from woody you wouldn't have to use dist-upgrade
and you wouldn't be running KDE 3; since you're using back-ported
packages which don't follow Debian's policy for changes to the stable
distribution (which is essentially "security fixes only") the above
doesn't apply.

FWIW I run unstable and generally use dist-upgrade rather than upgrade;
but it's always a good idea to peruse the list of packages it wants to
get rid of before allowing it to go ahead, though!


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