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kde freeze, sorting problem


I have compiled kde-3.1.4 from source. This problem happens with _all_
of the kde applications, which has this "column feature".

If an app has a file/info listing in its window, for example
Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3
  Name       Size       Date

then if I click onto one of these sorting buttons (ie.: name) kde
freezes, mouse not moving, and the app stops responding. Plus I get a
grey rectangle (no, this isn't xfree's video driver problem) to my
destktop (in the top left corner), over everything, so it covers my
whole desktop, and all of the applications. It is a 100x50 grey
rectangle, with little dots inside. After 5-10 secs, kde starts to
respond again, and I can continue to use the application (and the app
sorted the 'name' column). The grey box can be "erased" if I move a
window over it, so it clears that area of my desktop. I can make a
screenshot, if it helps.

Anybody can confirm this, or anybody has this problem too?
I'm using debian/woody, and compiled the whole kde from source.




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