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Re: Debian bugs belong to the Debian BTS

On Thu, 23 Oct 2003 05:21, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> > it's your responsibility as a Debian maintainer to handle bugs in
> > your packages.
> >
> > It's _not_ OK to tell the users of your packages to only file them
> > upstream.
> >
> > It's _not_ OK to simply close a bug with a message "it might be
> > fixed in the latest upstream" (but if you can't reproduce it, it's
> > OK to ask the submitter whether he can still reprooduce it).
> >
> > If handling the bugs in your packages is too much work for you could
> > either give away some of your packages or ask on some mailing list
> > (e.g. debian-kde or debian-devel) for help.
> Might I ask who you think you are to be questioning the judgement of
> the maintainer of this package ?

Adrian is acting on the consensus of opinion of the Debian-devel mailing list.  
He's just the first person to act.

> I'm not sure if you checked any of the bugs you just closed, but most
> of them are either very old or not reproducible.

I'm sure that Chris did not check many of the bugs he closed, that is wrong.

> If you feel there's a problem with something that a developer does,
> then please discuss it on the appropriate list, and/or with the
> developer in question.

It is being discussed on the appropriate list.

> But if you're not interested in or not capable of doing any of the
> above things, then please shut up, and let the people who do the real
> work ( and Christopher does a *hell* of a lot of work ) do what they
> like to do.

This is not about doing what you like to do.  This is about the social 
contract (we will not hide problems).

> In other words, please reclose the bugs, and present your apologies to
> Christopher.  After that, you might try to start a real discussion.

I don't think that Chris deserves any apologies.

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