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Re: Debian bugs belong to the Debian BTS

Mathieu Roy writes:

>> In other words, please reclose the bugs, and present your apologies
>> to Christopher.  After that, you might try to start a real
>> discussion.

> - Anyone have the right to have an opinion on anybody else actions.

I don't question that.  However, there should be a step between having
an opinion, and implementing that opinion, namely *discussing it* with
the responsible person(s).

> - The fact that Christopher works a lot for Debian does not change
>   the matter.

Of course not, but it does mean he deserves some respect, and I found
the OP pretty disrespectful.

> - The point is not about fixing bugs ("If you think you can do a
> better job at fixing them") but about not closing bugs without
> provide accurate information.

My major point is that the OP should have discussed this first before
reopening all of those bugs.  

My secondary point ( but I don't have equally strong feeling about
this one ), is that I'm not sure Christopher's closing of those bugs
was unjustified, because he has no time to personally look into fixing
them upstream, and therefore, there is nothing he could really do
about them, except for periodically checking whether they are already
fixed upstream, which seems like a pretty useless activity imho.  If
the reporter is really interested, he can easily check the upstream
bug reports himself.


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