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Re: Debian bugs belong to the Debian BTS

Am Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2003 22:38 schrieb Riku Voipio:
> > It's _not_ OK to tell the users of your packages to only file them
> > upstream.
> This is ludicrous. There is no advantage to anyone if obvious
> upstream issues pass through debian BTS. Packaging bugs
> to debian BTS, upstream bugs to upstream BTS. If unsure,
> to debian BTS.

Reporting upstream is not always easy. E.g. the KDE bug system knows nothing 
about kgpgcertmanager but a package of this name exists.
The only thing I found was:

The bug there is closed and kgpgcertmanager still _always_ crashes. So, it is 
not obvious if this is a packaging or upstream problem. Maybe you can tell, I 

I would then have to file the bug upstream against kmail? kgpgcertmanager does 
not even depend on kmail. And now?

BTW: Is there any way to get the upstream maintainer email address or URL 
without downloading the source package?


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