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Kopete & Desktop organization

Hi. I've got a question that could be added to kopete's wishlist, since i 
don't know if it can be done with the current implementation.

The fact is in Linux systems you can have several desktops, so you can 
organize your graphical applications as you wish. Here at home, i got eight 
desktops configured, and one of them is named "IM" (for instant messaging). 
That works well for me because i can work and pay attention to IM when i have 
spare time. But if i'm working in the desktop "www" and somebody wants to 
chat with me through kopete, the new window opens in the current desktop, so 
i have to move it to "IM" by hand.

Is there any trick i can do in order to tell kopete "open all your windows in 
the desktop XXX"?


Rafael Rodríguez

"Linux is user-friendly. It's just more selective on who its friends are"

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