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Problems with SSL using kmail and konqueror, Woody


when I am trying to download e-mails from a POP3 account using ssl I have a
problem. There is no error message but stil no data are transferred. The same
happens when I try to access an internet side using ssl. No transfer of data
and no error messages. When I turn off ssl in kmail everything works well.

The following is installed on my computer:

kdebase-crypto   2.2.1-5
kdelibs3-crypto   2.2.1-6
libssl0.9.6   0.9.6b-2

Everything is installed from Woody (KDE 2.2). Do I need to make any
configuration somewhere (in Kmail I marked ssl and put in the port given by the
provider)? Am I missing any program? Where can I get additional error messages?

Thank you very much,


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