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Re: xfstt and KDE conflict?

> is there a bug which prevents xfstt and KDE not to work together? all my
> KDE apps crash immediately if xfstt is running at the same time (took me
> ages to find out what was wrong..)
> I'm running stable (that's xfstt 1.2.1-3) and KDE 3.1.4, but 3.1.3 has
> the same problem. does anyone experience the same problem?

My entire X crashes when I try to view certain fonts in KDE-apps (but not in 
OpenOffice running under KDE). Have you any ideas how I could try to trace 
what fonts crash my X or why it crashes?

(the phenomen can be reproduced for example in Kword by selecting the 
font-dropdown and scrolling it since it has preview of fonts)

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