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Re: Does KDE really support XRender?

On Saturday 11 October 2003 23:27, Chris Cheney wrote:

> > 1) Pointer shakes eraticaly when moved. On other operatingsystems the
> This sounds like a bug specific to your system... I even switched into
> the lowest resolution mode on my system "640x480" and could not
> reproduce this bug.

Well I concede that this depends on what you are used to. A while back I was a 
die hard Amigan, and from Amigas I am used to the mouse pointer being a 
hardware sprite. When you moved the pointer around, the responce was 
incredibly smooth. In windows, some effort seem to have been paid to making 
the pointer move smoothly, even if there is no specific hardware to paint the 
pointer, it looks ok. In XFree86 it is bad. And it's not specific to my 
laptop (SiS630 chipset). I haven't seen an XFree86 setup that has smooth 
pointer movement, and I have seen a few different setups by now. To me the 
pointer kind of jumps around on the screen when you move it, disappearing in 
one position and reappearing in a new one. It also feels to me like there is 
a delay between when you move the mouse and when the pointer responds. It's 
just something like 50ms or the like, but I definately notice it.

> > 2) When moving windows around a trail of window graphics always follows.
> > It looks ugly. Even on my Amiga1200 I can move windows opaquely, so
> > what's the problem? I mean really, how hard can it be to tell a window to
> > move itself 100 pixels to left and 200 pixels down?
> This appears to probably be video card dependent. I have a Radeon 9200

I think, as has also been mentioned by others, that this is coursed by the 
server not buffering enough graphics. The problem is that, as far as I know, 
the X protocol prevents the server from doing this. I remember reading 
somewhere, that the window manager decorations and the window contents was, 
by design two entirely different entities and could never be rendered in one 

> > 3) Network transparency doesn't work on slow connections. It need's at

> X applications that do not work over a network sound like that aren't
> written correctly. Do you happen to know of any? Also a 10kbit network

Of course I meant 10Mbit, slow ethernet.. That one passed reality check 
When I say doesn't work over network, I mean at adsl like speeds. 1024kbit and 
below. Apps that doesn't work over network in my experience? Mathematica, 
IDL kind of works, but data visualisations are often buggy. As far as I 
understand it, the problem is that each application (or gui toolkit) has to 
take all kinds of different hardware into consideration when doing it's 
rendering, the application has to know how to handle color maps and stuff. 
Like in the old days when I had to use 256 color displays with XFree86, 
sometimes netscape would render really weird because it couldn't get the 
colors it wanted, and if you forced it to use it's own color map, then it 
would render fine but all other programs graphics would be


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