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Re: Does KDE really support XRender?

On Saturday 11 October 2003 12:26, Ricardo Galli wrote:

> X is not crap, don't repeat blindly the typical /.'ers complaint. Instead,

I am not a typical /.'er.

Remember the XFree86 rules/sucks poll recently posted?

I was the one who suggested it! I voted "sucks", like 43% of slashdotters. But 
57% voted "rules". Obviously the typical /.'er must think X doesn't suck.




Do you think it would be do any good to file these bugreports on XFree86:

1) Pointer shakes eraticaly when moved. On other operatingsystems the 
mousepointer glides fairly seamlessly across the screen, but in XFree86 the 
pointer feels different. It kind of shakes when you move it around. It hurts 
my eyes, please fix it somehow.

2) When moving windows around a trail of window graphics always follows. It 
looks ugly. Even on my Amiga1200 I can move windows opaquely, so what's the 
problem? I mean really, how hard can it be to tell a window to move itself 
100 pixels to left and 200 pixels down?

3) Network transparency doesn't work on slow connections. It need's at least 
10kbit to be usable. And a lot of apps doesn't even work over a network 
connection. Just tell it to put a button here, a drop down menu there and a 
couple of text fields whereever. How hard can that be? There is absolutely no 
reason to send 10kb pixel data over the network just to render a simple 

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