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Re: Does KDE really support XRender?

On Saturday 11 October 2003 03:41, Doug Holland wrote:
> XRender is used in a couple places.  Yes, it is used to make
> semi-transparent menus in KDE (which can be done if you're using the
> Keramik theme.  (in the effects, you should be able to enable menu
> transparency, and adjust a slider to select how transparent you want your
> menus.  It's also used by xft to produce anti-aliased text - the edges of
> letters are actually
> semi-transparent so they blend into their backgrounds.
> Doug

However, it seems that the method of transparent that used in KDE is quite 
brute. The transparent menu and kicker, when you shift them quickly, it will 
be a mess.

I was wondering if there is more elegant solution.



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