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Re: Does KDE really support XRender?

On Fri 10 Oct 2003 12:42 pm, Yun-Ta Tsai wrote:
> Greeting,
> 	I have this question since several years ago.
> Since the hottest feature of XRender is "real" tranparency, that means the
> tranparent object can reflect the activity of the covered program.
> I tried to google the information of KDE and XRender as much as I could,
> but none of the web sites answer my question.
> 	Even Trolltech.com itself announces their Qt has build-in XRender support.
> However, when I enabled the menu with "XRender Blending" via kcontrol, and
> tested a little bit, I found that the transparent menu has no different
> with grapping the image.
> 	I know it's an old question but I would like to ask again. Does XRender
> support true transparency or KDE actually never use the feature of XRender
> at all?
> 	I heard that the next version of XFree86 (e.g. 4.4) add some features from
> AppleWM and Darwin. Does that mean we will see some effect like Aqua under
> MacOSX? O_O
> Sincerelly
> Tim Tsai

XRender is used in a couple places.  Yes, it is used to make semi-transparent 
menus in KDE (which can be done if you're using the Keramik theme.  (in the 
effects, you should be able to enable menu transparency, and adjust a slider 
to select how transparent you want your menus.  It's also used by xft to 
produce anti-aliased text - the edges of letters are actually 
semi-transparent so they blend into their backgrounds.


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