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Re: Storage, KDE Traffic 66, (2)

On Tuesday 07 October 2003 17:26, Bob Tilley (AT&T) wrote:
> Warning: This concept has not been investigated for feasibility.
> In response to the Storage (fom Gnome) concept, is it possible to
> "connect" a Linux file system to the Google search engine?

In theory yes, however you would just be representing the results in a 
different manner. And as there are potentially millions of results from a 
google query youd have to adapt the results in some manner to make them more 
presentable. I dont really see the point as 99% of the results you get are 
just html files.

> You would be able to enter a search: "music by Beethoven" or "messages from
> Donna".  These queries would be passed of to a mini-Google, the universe of
> which would be your filesystem.  It would then search among your music or
> your email, and deliver the results?

This is possible and has already exists in a variety of  forms. The 
implementation problems however are considerable. If you do a full such for 
each query then the time to results could be considerable. Or alternatively, 
you have to keep some indexed database of meta data, which means having both 
a data base layer and the meta data itself. For some files like mp3s they 
already contain metadata, so that isnt a huge issue. However you would have 
to implement a metadata schema that covers all types of files (how can you do 
a search for "images of a tree" for instance without very very complex image 
analysis and AI object recognition, this is incredibly difficult and 
something i have worked on in the past).

> I know this is a very  basic question but much of the concept of "Storage
> for KDE" is beyond me at the moment.

Most of the hype about storage is its query mechanism rather than anything 
else. It seems just to be a keyword search which picks up on the context of a 
word in the query as well as the keyword itself. i.e it interprets "image of" 
as "files of type image/*" rather than "files containing the word image".


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