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No accented chars in 3.1.4

	I'm seeing something very strange with KDE/Qt. Accented characters don't 
work in konqueror, konsole, kate... etc. (but they do in kmail, for 

It's even more strange that if I start any of those programs from the 
[kc]onsole, they do work perfectly.

I have a mix of kdelibs:

- libqt from Sid.

- kdelibs from Sid.

- kdebase "dpkg-builded" from CVS (branch_3_1) and also tested with 3.1.4 
sources available in kde.org (BTW, their debian version are still 3.1.3 
in both, cvs and official 3.1.4 tar's).

- kdenetwork from Sid (3.1.3-1).

Is it possible that the problem occurs with all KDE programas compiled 
against qt 3.2 in Sid? Or it's just a problem of the CVS/tar sources from 

On the other hand, "special characters", "html characters" and asian chars 
are still not shown (just the "big" square).


  ricardo galli       GPG id C8114D34

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