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Re: KDM + environment variables

duorastat, golggotmánu 2. b. 2003 17.41, Sebastian Seifert čálii:
> Hello,
> I need to set a per-user environment variable that is set on login. How can
> I do that in a KDM/Debian-compatible way (i.e. without requiring root to do
> dirty things in /etc)?
> I'm using KDM for login. I want to be able to select different window
> managers from the login prompt, so I cannot just set up an ~/.xsession file
> that sets the variable and then starts kde.
> Is there anything that gets executed upon login (and before starting the
> window manager) on a per user basis? Or is there at least a chance to set
> the environment variable in a KDE config file (KDE is what is mostly used)?
Here's my .02$, and a method that works for me.
Use a file called ~/.xsession, and set your variables there. Here's a snippet 
from my file:

export LC_ALL=se_NO.UTF-8
exec startkde

Børre Gaup, Kiruna, Sweden

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