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Re: KDE apps running on X terminal with no local fonts installed

On Wednesday 01 October 2003 10:07, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:

Hi Nikita,

I'm CC'ing qt-bugs@tt.com and Martin who is the packager as well as Lars Knoll 
who is the Xft2 implementator :-) in Qt so everyone can look into the problem 
you described.  You do use a font server for the terminals ?

> Hello
> In our network, almost all computers are used as terminals, running remote
> KDE sessions from a server.
> This works very well in most cases, however sometimes it is a good idea to
> run some appe locally on a terminal. E.g. to run k3b locally to wtite to
> local CD burner.
> This also used to work perfectly: ssh -X terminal-name k3b, and use it.
> (To make this working, terminals have minimal set of packages installed
> locally, all user accounts are in LDAP, and homes are on NFS)
> However, after trying to upgrade Qt on a terminal from 3.1.1-8 to 3.2.1-5,
> it stopped working: now no fonts are available for KDE programs started
> locally. All chars (including whitespaces!) are displayed as rectabgles,
> and if I open font selection dialog (it's not easy to find it when no text
> is displayed...), I see only a single font in the list (I can't read which
> one).
> This effect disappears if ~/.qt/qtrc is removed. In this case, all fonts
> are displayed correctly.
> But if that file exist (even if it is empty!), problem appears again. And
> the file is recreated by KDE very often. And if file is not there,
> applications running "normally" (from server) loose anti-aliased fonts.
> No fonts are installed locally on terminals. Terminals do use remote xfs.
> Server has qt 3.2.1-5 installed. Apps started from server (both on server's
> own display and on terminals) do show all fonts correctly, including
> antialiasing.
> Seems to be a bug in newer qt packages.
> Any fixes/workarounds?

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