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KDE apps running on X terminal with no local fonts installed


In our network, almost all computers are used as terminals, running remote
KDE sessions from a server.

This works very well in most cases, however sometimes it is a good idea to
run some appe locally on a terminal. E.g. to run k3b locally to wtite to
local CD burner.
This also used to work perfectly: ssh -X terminal-name k3b, and use it.
(To make this working, terminals have minimal set of packages installed
locally, all user accounts are in LDAP, and homes are on NFS)
However, after trying to upgrade Qt on a terminal from 3.1.1-8 to 3.2.1-5,
it stopped working: now no fonts are available for KDE programs started
locally. All chars (including whitespaces!) are displayed as rectabgles,
and if I open font selection dialog (it's not easy to find it when no text
is displayed...), I see only a single font in the list (I can't read which

This effect disappears if ~/.qt/qtrc is removed. In this case, all fonts are
displayed correctly.
But if that file exist (even if it is empty!), problem appears again. And
the file is recreated by KDE very often. And if file is not there,
applications running "normally" (from server) loose anti-aliased fonts.

No fonts are installed locally on terminals. Terminals do use remote xfs.

Server has qt 3.2.1-5 installed. Apps started from server (both on server's
own display and on terminals) do show all fonts correctly, including

Seems to be a bug in newer qt packages.
Any fixes/workarounds?

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