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Re: KDE status report (again)?

On Sun 28 Sep 2003 3:03 am, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> Nathanael Nerode writes:
> > Hate to ask again, but what's currently holding up KDE?  I don't
> > know of any Qt/KDE-affecting bugs in gcc or binutils.
> First note is that apparently, the new arts package has already
> entered testing.
> About problems with kdelibs entering testing, I think there are the
> following :
> - KDE 3.1.4 has recently been uploaded, and we need to wait for it to
>   be compiled on all architectures, and until the 10 waiting days are
>   over..
> - The glibc bug you mention only seems to be holding back
>   kdemultimedia, not the rest of KDE
> - the kdelibs packages.qa.debian.org page [1] doesn't mention glibc
>   holding it back.  It does mention dependencies on the new arts,
>   freetype, qt and libxslt packages as holding it back.  freetype has
>   no bugs and just seems to need another three days' wait..  Arts
>   depends on qt too, and still needs ten days waiting, libxslt depends
>   on libxml2, which is a day too young..  Qt seems like the major
>   problem, having a few release critical bugs.
> > I ask partly because I'm really eager to get KDE 3 into testing
> same here :)
> cheers
> domi
> Footnotes:
> [1]  http://packages.qa.debian.org/k/kdelibs.html

I just got last nights 3.1.4 packages, including kdelibs (which includes 

THANK THE DEITY, that damned futhermucking scroll bar bug in Konqueror has 
finally been fixed!!!


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