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Re: shortcut....

Thomas Ritter írta:
Am Sonntag, 21. September 2003 15:42 schrieb LeVA:

I want to bind Ctrl+F9 to the 'mount /cdrom' command.

right-click the K menu, select "menu editor", add menu entries and put keyboard commands on them.

Ok, I did this. But now a strange thing happens. When I push the hotkey,
my mouse cursor changes to the white cursor + the icon I have specified
for the menu entry. This is normal, but it lasts too long. About 15secs.
It is like when I start something that doesn't exists, and kde can't
start it, and the apps icon stays with my mouse cursor for a while. This
is what is happeing now, however kde starts the mount command.

Is this normal?



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