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Re: kde3.1.x today?

On 15.Sep 2003 - 22:35:24, umidori kamome wrote:
> Hey Yo Hoh!
> I have difficulties installing kde3 on woody or sarge... well, who
> hasnt ;)
> Skipping through the archive and googling I found different ways to
> do
> it, tried sources from sid (with Default-Release set to testing) and
> ones
> from kde.
> Using sid I cant install (among others) kdebase, depending on
> ksysguard, depending on ksysguardd, depending on
> libsensors-1debian1, not beeing on the archives...

The libsensors-1debian1 package is not in sid anymore, but the kdebase
package has not been rebuilt since then. I can mail the package to
you, but you don't need the kdebase-package. It is a meta-package like
many other kde* packages. If you install all the depends of kdebase,
except ksysguard you should be able to install the rest of the kde.

> With the kde-sources I wasnt even able to install kdelibs4,
> depending on... I dont remember - it wasnt installable.
> But it should be achievable - on knoppix 3.2 I have kdebase3.1.1

In sid there is kde 3.1.3

> Does anyone have a way or source for me to install a more than very
> basic kde3 on woody or sarge? I meen in the very near future, like
> today or so ;)

For woody:

purge kde2
kde.org into sources.list
apt-get update
apt-get install kdebase kdelibs4 kde...

For sarge using packages from sid:
apt-get install kdelibs4 $(all packages from kdebase, except
ksysguard) kdegames kdenetwork ...


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