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Re: Sending mails. Opera 7.11 on Linux

On 11.Sep 2003 - 09:27:07, Raul Claro wrote:
> 11. Sep 03
> I have downloaded in Linux (Woody, KDE 2.2.2) Opera 7.11. I set an Account 
> with freenet.When I  want to receive ("Check"), there is no problem. I get the 
> machine messages: "Connecting - authenticating - checking folders...". But if 
> I want to send ("Send") nothing at all happens. This is true both if I set 
> username  and password on the mask "Outgoing SMTP-Server" or if I leave that 
> blank.  I am pretty sure the account is correctly set, as I use in Windows 
> Opera 6 for a long time already.  With KMail and Mozilla there is no problem, 
> I can send mails perfectly.
> 	Another (smaller) problem is that the received mails appear with a 
> long format on Date (e. gr. "Thursday, 11 September 2003" or somethiing like 
> that [now I am writing from Windows]). I want the smaller format "11.9.2003". 
> Changing the setting in KDE, Panel, does not seem to do the trick.

That is completely OT and has nothing to do with KDE, that's all Opera
related and you should ask them for help.


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