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Sending mails. Opera 7.11 on Linux

11. Sep 03

I have downloaded in Linux (Woody, KDE 2.2.2) Opera 7.11. I set an Account 
with freenet.When I  want to receive ("Check"), there is no problem. I get the 
machine messages: "Connecting - authenticating - checking folders...". But if 
I want to send ("Send") nothing at all happens. This is true both if I set 
username  and password on the mask "Outgoing SMTP-Server" or if I leave that 
blank.  I am pretty sure the account is correctly set, as I use in Windows 
Opera 6 for a long time already.  With KMail and Mozilla there is no problem, 
I can send mails perfectly.
	Another (smaller) problem is that the received mails appear with a 
long format on Date (e. gr. "Thursday, 11 September 2003" or somethiing like 
that [now I am writing from Windows]). I want the smaller format "11.9.2003". 
Changing the setting in KDE, Panel, does not seem to do the trick.
Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

R. Claro

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