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Re: Unstable has a problem somewhere - but where?

Le sam 06/09/2003 à 14:24, Alan Chandler a écrit :

> My kde is installed from unstable using aptitude - where I select "kde" and it 
> automatically brings in the rest.

Really big meta-packages are known to have problems. One should not
install kde (or gnome) using their meta-packages, as so much can be
changed in the packages that compose the big one, thus making problems.

The proper way (at least that's what I always do) to install kde is :

apt-get install kdelibs arts kdebase

That will install a basic kde environment, but you can then install the
meta-packages such as -graphics or -network, which cause in general less

I'm running KDE and update/upgrade everyday, and I haven't seen any
broken dependancies yet. If you still do, please post your sources.list
as it may cause the problem too.

Lucas Moulin <lucas@brebis.org>
"The guilty don't feel guilty, they learn not to" - NOFX

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