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Re: Unstable has a problem somewhere - but where?

On 06.Sep 2003 - 13:24:39, Alan Chandler wrote:
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> My kde is installed from unstable using aptitude - where I select "kde" and it 
> automatically brings in the rest.

And there is the problem.

> I have just updated the package lists (using the u key) and now aptitude wants 
> to uninstall most of kde.
> I suspect there is a problem with some of the packages - kdemultimedia seems 
> to have unsatisfiable dependencies - but I am not sure that should then cause 
> all of kde to be removed.

Normally kdemultimedia is set to hold automatically, I don't know what
the problem with kdemultimedia is - you should look into the bug database
for that.

> Questions
> a) Has something happened to a recent upload to lose most of kdemultimedia?

see above, bugs.debian.org - the first address for sid users.

> b) Why when I try manually selecting another kde meta package (eg kdenetwork) 
> and trying to tell it manually install does it just show broken dependencies.  
> However, as I track each one down in aptitude (by selecting enter and looking 
> at the packages on which this package depends) each one shows unsatisfied 
> dependencies but if I eventually get to a leaf node (ie a package not 
> dependant on anything else) and manually select it for install - I can do 
> this.

Yes, aptitude has selected every package of kde for removal and also
every package that they depends on, if it is not needed. So the only
possibility is to manually select every single package for

Did you ever use apt-get update + apt-get (dist)upgrade for normal
upgrade? It is IMHO much faster for a single upgrade.

>  Does this imply some change to the package dependenacies of kde?

I will not check the dependecies of kde, but I don't think that the
problem is there. I think it could be that aptitude deselected kde
because of the broken kdemultimedia packages and though also
deselected kde* packages.


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