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Re: fonts in kde

I had a problem with my fonts in kde2 because I had
selected "Use Anti-aliasing for fonts &..." so only a
few less beauty fonts were availailable. Maybe
unselecting it helps you.

I use woody and I don't have the
/etc/fonts/fonts.config neither local.config files, I
searched and seems they don't exist... other files
with the same functions?
About fc-cache, what package do I need to use it?
'cause I get "command not found". Instead I use
  fslsfonts -server unix/:7100
  fslsfonts -server unix/:7101  #serves true type
to list all fonts available. And
to list those usable for X.

good luck,

Juan Pablo

--- Amit Shah <amit.shah@codito.com> wrote:
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> On Tuesday 02 Sep 2003 05:13, Wolfgang Mader wrote:
> > hello,
> >
> > i know that this question was answered one time
> ago but i can not find
> > the e-mail...
> > if i look in the dialogs which let me set the
> standard font for
> > applications (e.g. for the desktop) there is no
> font selected. and if i
> I had a problem with fonts, and Chris Cheney had
> suggested this:
> "Make sure you have /etc/fonts/fonts.conf and
> local.conf setup to find your
> fonts then run 'fc-cache -f -v' and make sure it
> sees your fonts. After
> that restart kde and see if your fonts work better.
> You may need to go into
> kcontrol->appearances->fonts and select different
> ones if it is defaulting
> to bad fonts."
> You could try this.
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