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Desktop and session mgmt strangeness

I'm getting strange effects, seemingly after the update to the latest Qt
packages in unstable.

Kicker doesn't become visible immediately after a new session is started
up completely. Rather, it only shows up after a click on the desktop

Sometimes, though not always, keystrokes are passed through from the
frontmost application window to the desktop. It pretty strange, when
typing text selects items on the desktop, Return opens them and Delete
moves them to the trash. This seems to be a bug in Qt, http://

The window positions (including virtual desktops) and sizes of Knotes
notes are mixed up, i.e., a note may appear at position and size that
belongs to another note. Sometimes multiple notes are put in exactly
the same place. This doesn't happen when I quit and restart KNotes

Please help me exorcize my system


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