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xmms gthread crash ("...may only be initialized once")

tags 195538 + upstream help

I think I know why this is happening now, in xmms and in other libartsc
(arts C wrapper) applications: the latest libartsflow_idl now depends on
libgthread-2.0, for a thread-related feature called GSL. I don't really
know what that feature provides, but it means that libartsout.so ends up
depending on libgthread-2.0.so.0. This causes problems when it's used by
xmms, since xmms is of course based on Glib/GTK 1.2, and depends on
libgthread-1.2 for its own purposes. As far as I know, libgthread-1.2
and libgthread-2.0 cannot co-operate in the same process like that,
hence the errors about initialising twice and so on.

There are several possible solutions I can think of:
* compile arts without GSL and hence without libgthread-2.0 (not
immediately available from a quick inspection of it, but maybe possible)
* split arts support into a separate process, somehow (lots of new code)
* port xmms to GTK 2.0 (ouch!), theoretically the best and cleanest
solution (I assume the only reason why it still uses GTK 1.2, other than
that nobody has got around to it yet, is plugin compatibility issues...)

All comments and advice very much welcome, especially on how to do
either of the first two options.

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