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I'm member of team that is translating kde to polish language.
But we usualy don't have 100% messages translated when cvs-head is tagged and 
released and we commit translations all the time. So I have to download cvs 
and overwrite files from kde-i18n-pl deb to see if translations don't have 
bugs, misspeling etc . It would be much more simple if there were snapshot of 
it in debian :)

This would be easier not only for translators (probably all translation teams 
have the same problem as polish team:)) but also users who would update 
translations more often and have more and better translations then ones from 
the official release :)

So I asking if it is posible to add packages like kde-i18n-*-cvs or sth ?
Updated each week or fortnight ?

Szymon Janc
szymon#janc.int.pl // GG: 1383435
Jabber: szymon@jabber.atman.pl

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