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Re: keyboard layout and xfs-xtt/KDE font problem (partially solved)

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On Tuesday 24 June 2003 10:40, Lucas Moulin wrote:

> > i tried renaming ~/.kde to ~/.kde.renamed before loging into kde which
> > fixed the problem but obviously made kde forget about my beloved
> > configuration. what's the point? where in ~/.kde/ do i have to change
> > things to get my us layout back?
> Actually I'm using the default layout so I guess I don't have any
> special config in my KDE config files, but I think you should try to use
> grep to parse the files in ~/.kde/share/config with keywords like
> 'mapping', 'layout' or 'key'. That should give you some results. If not,
> you'll lose 15 mn to reconfigure your KDE environment, it's no big deal
> if you keep the important files apart (like Kmail config for example).

fist of all thank you very much.
i found out that the layout configuration was in ~/.kde/share/config/kxkbrc. 
though Layout was set to 'us' it did not work right. setting it to en_US did 
work so i guess something (probably me by killing X with ctrl-alt-bs in 
despair) messed up xlibs. i reinstalled xlibs and now Layout=us works as 
before which is great. what a relief!

> Why do you want to use xfs-tt ? Since XFree86 v4.x, it's really not
> necessary. Plus, you got fontconfig and KDE, which deal well with any
> type of font. Try setting font paths in your workstation's XF86Config
> instead of using the server. I can send you my file if you like
> (everything works, TT fonts, regular ones, Euro character, japanese
> fonts, etc.). I can even tell you what font packages I've installed, but
> I guess you already double-checked this.

at the office we want to switch our machines from evil M$-Win2k to sweet 
Debian gnu/linux and kde and one of the problems we have with win2k are the 
fonts. often we have to (re)install and/or adjust fonts and things really get 
messy when we edit documents on different machines because no machine has the 
same font set. so i though having a font server making one font set available 
for all machines would be nice and troublefree.
meanwhile i guess it's easier to install those font packages on every machine. 
(i think i gotta get rid of my perfectionism someday but until then) can you 
(or anyone else) point me to a howto about truetype/antialiasing fonts with 
xfree86? i really want to know how this works.

with kind regards, caspar kurt
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