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Re: keyboard layout and xfs-xtt/KDE font problem

On lun, jun 23 15:02 
"Kurt, Caspar" <kurt.caspar@cdc-engineering.ch> wrote :


> i tried renaming ~/.kde to ~/.kde.renamed before loging into kde which fixed 
> the problem but obviously made kde forget about my beloved configuration.
> what's the point? where in ~/.kde/ do i have to change things to get my us 
> layout back?

Actually I'm using the default layout so I guess I don't have any
special config in my KDE config files, but I think you should try to use
grep to parse the files in ~/.kde/share/config with keywords like
'mapping', 'layout' or 'key'. That should give you some results. If not,
you'll lose 15 mn to reconfigure your KDE environment, it's no big deal
if you keep the important files apart (like Kmail config for example).

> on the second problem i've been working for 3 weeks now:
> i have one linux workstation and one linux server both running debian sid. on 
> the workstation i have XFree86 and KDE 3.2.1. on the server i run xfs-xtt. 
> i've removed all FontPath lines in XF86Config-4 leaving only 'FontPath        
> "tcp/guineapig:7110"' where guineapig is the hostname of the server. i guess 
> xfs-xtt is working because X won't start if i comment out this FontPath line.
> still i have no fixed fonts in KDE and also other fonts don't seem to be 
> working as they should. i tried all the tricks and hints i could find (i.e. 
> running fc-cache, reinstalling font packages on the server, comparing config 
> files from a working installation at home...) but i could not solve my 
> problem. how can i get fonts working with KDE and xfs-xtt?

Why do you want to use xfs-tt ? Since XFree86 v4.x, it's really not
necessary. Plus, you got fontconfig and KDE, which deal well with any
type of font. Try setting font paths in your workstation's XF86Config
instead of using the server. I can send you my file if you like
(everything works, TT fonts, regular ones, Euro character, japanese
fonts, etc.). I can even tell you what font packages I've installed, but
I guess you already double-checked this.

> i'm sure (well at least i hope) someone could help me with this, please. this 
> stuff really drives me nuts. konsole is just not usable without readable 
> fonts and for each 10 keys i tipe i've got 5 to correct because of this 
> different keyboard layout. somebody please help me solve these problems.

I'd be glad to help you, as I know fonts under X can be a real pain.

> i can't even tell if someone can understand all this angry babbling of mine.

Don't worry, I think I did :)

Lucas Moulin <lucas@brebis.org>
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