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Re: Applications for KDE 3.2.1 Woody

El Domingo, 22 de Junio de 2003 20:09, Christof Hurschler escribió:
> So what is the best way to get applications for the KDE 3.2.1 Woody
> combination??

First of all, remember that kde 3.2 will be released in after some months:

The latest stable version is 3.1.2.

Second, I think the best way for getting kde applications, is using debian 
packages. Debian packages for Debian 3.0 + kde updates, are not very common 
(outside download.kde.org), but building that debs, can be quite easy. In 
kde's CVS, all packages have a debian directory, so in many cases, building a 
package can be done only running "dpkg-builpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc".

I suggest you trying to build your own debian packages, cause is the cleanest 
solution. Run apt-get install maint-guide, and give a look at that document.

Another solution, is installing them in your home directory, using the 
sources. That can be done, using "./configure --prefix=$HOME/local", and 
fixing KDEDIRS environment value properly, por example:

I'm using that two solutions for having the latest kde applications on my 
Woody machines. The problems you described, are conflicts between libraries, 
so I think that those techniques are the best choice.

Best regards.

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