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Re: Strange problems with kmail and imap

From: "Joerg Platte" <jplatte@jako.ping.de>

> Am Freitag, 20. Juni 2003 15:20 schrieb Derek Broughton:
> > I'm not sure that's not a problem with (or even feature of) the IMAP server
> > - I see exactly the same thing accessing my courier-imap server from either
> > Outlook Express or Mozilla.  I get new mail counts, but have to leave and
> > return to the folder to see the actual mails.
> I didn't upgrade any imap reladed packages on the server side (debian woody)
> and I had no problems a few days ago. So I think my problem isn't an
> incompatible IMAP server.

I wasn't so much responding to your problem as Randy's comment.  I have exactly
the same situation as Randy, on multiple email clients, so in our case I think
it's the IMAP server itself.  In your case, perhaps KMail was doing some special
handling to avoid that, that it no longer does (for instance, since at least one
of the clients I use can see the new message counts, but I can't read the mail
until I change folders and go back, any client that simply closed & reopened the
folder if the mail counts changed would have no trouble).


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