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RE: KDE problem on startup

Christophe's solution did not work.
To be more exact in my wording, KDE boots to the point where it says
"Initializing System Services".
Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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From: Christophe Courtois [mailto:christophe@courtois.cc]
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2003 12:37 AM
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Subject: Re: KDE problem on startup

Le Samedi 21 Juin 2003 14:38, Curtis Vaughan a déclamé :
> where it's starting system something or other it hangs for a long time,
> then the startup screen disappears leaving just a light blue background
> and nonething else.

 Create another user, and see if you obtain the same result ; or disable 
temporarily your .kde/ directory (KDE will recreate it). You'll at least 
know if the problem is system-wide or in your user's configuration (the 
erase-and-reconfigure may be the quickest way to have a functional system 

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