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Re: qt-copy/debian

Sorry about the delay on this, my thesis kind of took up all my recent time.

> About those stupid headers - is Recommends enough to make everyone stop 
> nagging ?

Makes me happy.

> In the meanwhile unstable is in a state where the maintainers know 
> where to use compat-headers and where they don't have to (which is what was 
> desired).  

If this is all that was desired then choosing a strategy that breaks
package builds, causes mass confusion amongst users (which it did) and
essentially cripples the Qt development environment as defined by
trolltech is a difficult way of doing something that could just as easily
have been done by running fixincludes over a series of packages and
filing a few bugs.

I'm honestly not trying to continually have a go at you, I just *really*
want this fixed before we release sarge and have the same mass confusion
all over again from the users who track stable.

Ben. :)

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