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Re: Debian KDE 3 packages using a different kde_htmldir

Dominique Devriese writes:

  domi> However, the damage is probably already done, since all
  domi> previous KDE versions in Debian have had the patch applied, so
  domi> I'm going to make a patch for the KDE build system that makes
  domi> it install HTML documentation in $prefix/share/doc/kde/HTML by
  domi> default..

Hi again,
I'm going to send this patch to coolo..  It changes the default
documentation install path for HTML documentation to
$prefix/share/doc/kde/HTML, for a Debian installation on which
kdelibs4 is installed..
Would you agree this is a good solution ?

( sorry if I may have sounded a bit annoyed during the discussion, I'm
  just trying to fix this, since it's quite annoying for a third party
  app developer.. )


Index: acinclude.m4.in
RCS file: /home/kde/kde-common/admin/acinclude.m4.in,v
retrieving revision 2.364
diff -u -r2.364 acinclude.m4.in
--- acinclude.m4.in	14 May 2003 13:27:14 -0000	2.364
+++ acinclude.m4.in	14 May 2003 14:44:36 -0000
@@ -421,7 +421,15 @@
 if test "$1" = "default"; then
   if test -z "$kde_htmldir"; then
-    kde_htmldir='\${prefix}/share/doc/HTML'
+    if test -f /etc/debian_version; then
+      if dpkg -s kdelibs4 | grep Status | grep not-installed 2>&1 >/dev/null; then
+	kde_htmldir='\${prefix}/share/doc/HTML';
+      else
+	kde_htmldir='\${prefix}/share/doc/kde/HTML'
+      fi
+    else
+	kde_htmldir='\${prefix}/share/doc/HTML'
+    fi
   if test -z "$kde_appsdir"; then
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