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Debian KDE 3 packages using a different kde_htmldir


( i'm not sure if this is the debian kde development list, or if it's
more of a user list, so please refer me to the right place if this
isn't the place for this )

The only Debian kdelibs patch,
kdelibs/debian/patches/kdelibs.dirs.diff changes KGlobals to only look
for html resources that are named "$prefix/share/doc/kde/HTML" ( and
changes some cgi-bin search path too.. ).  

This patch breaks the documentation of all third party KDE
applications, since these packages ( at least those that use the
standard KDE build system to install docs ), install their
documentation in "$prefix/share/doc/HTML", and this is never searched
by kio_help, even when KDEDIRS is set properly.  

So my question is: 
Wtf is this patch intended to fix, and why does it not make sure that
people installing third party kde apps from source can still read the

Basically, I see three ways to fix this problem:
1 remove the patch. This would probably also mean some
  work to make the docs install in the proper place again..
2 fix the patch, to make sure it *also* searches in the old place
3 keep the patch, and fix the kde build system to make sure that a
  3rd party source package properly detects where it should install
  its documentation.

What do you think ?

Conscience doth make cowards of us all.
		-- Shakespeare

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