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Re: kppp can't see dns servers

David Pye Combobulated:

> Hi there,
> When you say you've developed a problem with kppp, did this occur after an
> upgrade etc, or is this the first time you've used it?
> The file you should be looking at is /etc/resolv.conf.

OK, I've solved the problem. It appears that perms on 
-rw-r--r--    1 root     dip            52 May  5 03:54 /etc/resolv.conf

was set to root:root so that kppp could not read that file. lppp (Libranet
lppp) was clearing that file every time on exit so that the file was then
empty when I tried to use kppp.

As you can see, I've fixed it now. 

Thanks for all the replies.


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