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Re: Kmplayer not interfacing with arts

On Thu, May 01, 2003 at 03:15:08PM -0400, Jim Mahood wrote:
> I just built kmplayer 0.7.4a from source, and am having audio problems.  It 
> has no trouble rendering video, but it seems that it can't interface with 
> arts for audio output.  It shows arts as an option for audio output, but 
> effectively all that does is place "-ao arts" into the command line when it 
> executes mplayer itself.  If I run "mplayer -ao help", I don't have an arts 
> output filter listed.  Has anyone had and solved this problem?  I guess I 
> could always hack the source of kmplayer and make it call "artsdsp 
> mplayer...".

You don't mention what mplayer you have, but in any case, I think you
need an updated mplayer.  IIRC, it was only recently that the mplayer
got arts support.  I belive that you will need to compile it yourself,
or find a better mirror than I have:

  deb http://marillat.free.fr/ unstable main

That line doesn't have a .deb with arts support built in as far as I can
tell (Just downloaded the 0.90-i686 player, and no arts in the "-ao
help" output).

I have compiled mplayer many times in the past without much trouble
FWIW. (http://mplayerhq.hu).


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