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Re: Cups Support

Hmm - kdelibs3-cups isn't the right version AFAIK - all the KDE3.1.1 things 
are kdelibs4-xx.

I'm not actually on sid myself, but I AM on KDE 3.1.1, and haven't got any 
kdelibsx-cups or anything, so I'm not sure if you need them, and that there's 
a good possibility you might not need it.

If testing with just the normal cupsys stuff doesn't work, tell us what the 
errors you get are.


On Thursday 17 April 2003 19:14, Irish, Jon D BAE SYSTEMS wrote:
> Is there a trick to getting Cups to work in SID with KDE 3.1.1? I have
> tried to install it via the packages: CUPSYS and KDELIBS3-CUPS, but I keep
> getting errors from apt saying that they can not be installed.
> Sincerely,
> Jon D. Irish
> Analytical Solutions
> (Lower Tier Project Office)

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