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Re: KDE media players

On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 12:36:35AM +0100, R. Rodriguez wrote:
> Hi. I just wanted to know why there are so many multimedia players for KDE. 
> Why do exist kaboodle, noatun, kplayer (named in the latest kde cvs digest), 
> kmplayer...?? Wouldn't be better just one GOOD player? (i'm not saying those 
> ones aren't good... but a joint effort could be more powerful i think).

They do different things. Noatun is a full-featured, full-blooded media
player. Kaboodle is a tiny player, designed to be embedded in places
like Konq. It gives you play, pause, stop, and not much else. KMPlayer
is a frontend to the mplayer video-playing app.

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