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Re: KDE 3.1.1 Fast as root but slow as User

Aryan Ameri <a.ameri@linuxiran.org> writes:
> There was a time, when Sun was known for producing fast, secure and
> stable code. e.g back in mid 90s, everyone (even their competitors)
> agreed that Solaris was the best *nix ever. When in 2000 they
> announced their plan for staroffice/openoffice.Borg I really
> expected something much better than this bloated piece of ash**
> It makes me wonder, what happened to that sun?

Sun didn't create StarOffice, they bought it from Star Division (a
German company, I think), who developed it until version 5.2. Since
then, it has really been made faster, but there's still a long way to
go. If you compare it to the upcoming MS Office 11, it doesn't look
too bad at all.

 Gaute Hvoslef Kvalnes

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