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Re: kmail & cryptplug anyone?

El Lunes, 7 de Abril de 2003 20:08, Mika Fischer escribió:
> 1. Am I too stupid and it doest already work *with packages from sid*?
> 2. If not, what's the problem *with the packages in sid*?
> 3. Is there someone working on creating/fixing *the packages in sid*?
> 4. Would it not be useful to have a metapackage which pulls in all the
> necessary stuff to use the plugins in kmail/mutt/whatever?

I foun an article talking about that, but is in spanish. He offers his 
repositories, and you don't need to do complicated things, so is a good idea 
to use google translation if you don't understand spanish, and follow his 


PS: I speak spanish, but I didn't tried his packages because I don't use sid. 
If you don't understand some points, maybe I can try to help.

Best regards,
Alex (a.k.a. suy)  -  GPG ID: AA8D2A01

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