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Re: kmail & cryptplug anyone?

Hi, Ralf!

On Monday 07 April 2003 13:14, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> > I'm really having problems figuring out what exactly I need to make
> > this work?
> http://kmail.kde.org

Oh, well...
I already knew that page you know. But thanks anyway. ;)

It does however not at all address my questions which were:

1. Am I too stupid and it doest already work *with packages from sid*?
2. If not, what's the problem *with the packages in sid*?
3. Is there someone working on creating/fixing *the packages in sid*?
4. Would it not be useful to have a metapackage which pulls in all the 
necessary stuff to use the plugins in kmail/mutt/whatever?

I do not use Debian to compile such complicated stuff of which I have no 
idea how it works myself.

What I figured out is that I'm missing the following packages:
none of which seem to be available in sid.
For all of them there's an ITP filed by you.
So you should know what the deal is with "kmail & cryptplug *in sid*" :)


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