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Re: Using arts and alsa (direct) simultaneously?

On Sun, Mar 30, 2003 at 06:37:45PM +0200, Olaf Stetzer wrote:
> Hello List,
> is there a way to use arts (artsd) and alsa devices directly in parallel?
> The problem I have is that I can only use either artsd OR other programs 
> that need direct access to alsa hardware and I wonder if there is a way to get
> both at the same time running? Probably there is a way to configure alsa devices to 
> allow a certain number of clients to acces to it (via virtual devices or ports)
> but I haven't found out yet how to set this up.
> Any hints?

Along with what was said earlier, the reason you probably can't use both
at the same time is due to your soundcard not allowing multiopen. I am
not sure if alsa has plans to do software mixing, that would be nice of
course, but most new hardware supports multiopen already. Even my cheap
onboard via sound has multiopen. :)


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