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Re: sid audio problem xmms & artsdsp

--- Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org> wrote:
> On Monday 24 March 2003 21:58, Frank Murphy wrote:
> > I recently upgraded my sid, and now xmms plays static when I try
> > playing audio when starting xmms with artsdsp. Unfortunately, I
> > notice what I had upgraded to get this. I think that it might be an
> > problem because it sounds the same as when I used the xmmsarts
> > (which does have an endian problem).
> maybe its xmmsarts compiled against arts from kde 2.2 instead of 3.1?

Sorry, I don't think I was clear. xmmsarts has a problem because wasn't
written with endian issues in mind. It's Debian bug #146579 (& #174416,

The problem I'm seeing now (which is new as of the 3.1.1 update last
week) is that running the following command outputs white noise:

$ artsdsp xmms

This is with the xmms OSS output plugin. If I suspend the artsd, then
restart xmms without artsdsp, then the output is fine.

Has something changed with artsdsp to break this? It was working with
the sid packages before the kdenetwork went in.


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