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Re: kmail's folder mailing list feature not working?

Actually, in previous release of Kmail, i did not need the buttons because the 
property "Holds a mailing list" automatically filled in the To: field for new 
mails and replys.  There is no point to that field if i had to still push the 
button or manually fill in the To: field.

I think something is wrong with the current kmail about this feature at least, 
but that's just me.

[ On Saturday 22 March 2003 04:41 pm, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote ]
> On Saturday 22 March 2003 21:50, Anh Lai wrote:
> > Does anyone have the option for a folder's property: "Holds a mailing
> > list" working?
> Well kind of..
> > Normally, i can creat new mail in that folder, and the mailing list email
> > is auto inserted into the To: field.
> Yes. There is a seperate icon you can add to the toolbar that specifically
> mails the mailinglist. There is even a special icon just for replying to a
> mailing list post.
> Don't quote me on this, but it seems there ought to be a way to dynamically
> switch toolbar icons depending on which folder you are in.
> Anybody else have any clues?
> Anders
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> This email was generated using KMail from KDE 3.1 on Debian GNU/Linux

did someone burn my pork chop?

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