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Re: question on the recent kde packages updates in sid

Paul Scott wrote:

James D. Freels wrote:

Hello Debian-KDE users !

For the sid users here, I get the following message on a
(not all may be kde, but most are)
"apt-get -d -y dist-upgrade"

I get this too. A new version is clearly being uploaded and isn't quite all there yet. See the just previous posts. Just wait a few hours or a day and the new version will probably be complete.

Actually in the post I was referring to Chris Cheney said:

Most of KDE 3.1.1 is now in Debian Sid. Tomorrow kdemultimedia,
kdenetwork, and kdepim will probably go in.  It will not be installable
until ftpadmin team adds the needed overrides for libvorbis0a though.


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